Day 10

I’ve just been doing some sums, not in my head as I am not great at maths. My calculator tells me that to earn £1,000,000 this year, I need to be making around £83 K a month.

So far, I am a far short of that. If I try really hard, I can see us pushing the card sales up to £1,000 per month with some good social media advertising (sales currently stand at £500 a month). The PR agency is bringing in around £5K a month and journalism £1.5K. That’s a grand total of £7.5K. I am £75K short. Or a zero. Depends on which way you look at it. I am not a total idiot when it comes to sums – I can see that I have to increase my monthly income X10.

How am I going to make that much moolah? Is it really enough for me to sit here chanting ‘I am a money magnet’ over and over like some deranged lunatic?

Perhaps it is not something that will happen on a monthly basis. Maybe the cash will all roll in at once.

I keep reading that to let the magic happen, one has to remain psyched up and pour every fibre of their being into the pursuit of the goal. Elsewhere, it tells me to stop trying too hard, to let go and have faith in the universe. Jesus, I’m confused. If only I could pick up the phone and call Richard Branson.

On the plus side, I am feeling cheerful. I attended at 6.30am breakfast meeting today, I meditated when I got back and spent half an hour doing some ‘proper’ writing. I’ve also got a fair bit of PR work done and someone in Scotland just bought £64 worth of pop up cards in one go. Nine of them were Christmas cards. Why? They weren’t even on sale.

Anyway, I haven’t done Jen’s Badass Habits video yet, so bear with me while I go off and do it…

This is the quote that greeted me when I logged in:

“So many dreams at first seem IMPOSSIBLE. And then they seem IMPROBABLE. And then when we summon the will, they become INEVITABLE.”

― Christopher Reeve

Call me a cynic, but all I remember of Christopher Reeve is that he was riding high on the crest of a wave, being Superman and all that and one second later, he was a quadriplegic. He swore blind that he would walk again, but he didn’t. Blind faith in his case did not work. He managed to move a finger, but that was it. He died aged 52 from complications arising from a bedsore. A bedsore! Life can be so unfair. I should count myself lucky. I have working limbs and a healthy body. Christopher Reeve would have exchanged £1,000,000 for those things 10 times over.

Today, Jen talked about will power and using tools to help you develop your new habit. I’m even more confused now? Is earning £1,000,000 a year a new habit? Or is writing my novel the habit I am going for? Or are they interlinked?


Funnily enough, Richard couldn’t take my call…

Today, Jen also talked about how you have to accept the discomfort as you go towards your goal. Apparently, successful people don’t make a big drama out of it. This for me, will come in the form of losing business, big bills landing on the door mat and being told my writing sucks – but in a nice way, which will make it even worse.

If I write my novel, some people won’t like it. Perhaps nobody will. Publishers will reject it. If I publish it myself, it may not sell. I will have to push on and get over all of that. It would be so much easier if I won the lottery.

Universe, can you hear me??


Is there anybody there?



Personal Manifesto:

I am a money magnet. I am a successful writer who is going places. Woohoo!



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