Day eight

Believe it and then you will see it made manifest,” Jen Sincero.


I must nurture and feed this belief to make myself believe in something I have never experienced before me. This is what Jen says in her video this morning. She mentions that it is important to surround yourself with other people who empower you – i.e. not the naysayers! Does this mean I have to jettison the husband?

The power of who we hang out with is ginormous. I know this. I realised it a while ago having spent hours on the phone moaning about rates of pay in journalism with my fellow scribes. I’d put the phone down feeling morose and doomed to poverty.

I need to start hanging out with millionaires. Where do I find them? I won’t name names, but one of my close relations is a millionaire. I don’t feel wealthier when I am in their orbit. Quite the opposite. I become only too aware of my financial shortcomings.

I need to work on my ‘belief’. I felt very postive yesterday, I still to today, but if I am totally honest, in my heart of hearts, I don’t really believe I am going to make a million pounds this year outside a game of Monopoly. Or write a best-selling novel. Or pay for a home office to be plonked at the bottom of my garden.

Ah, you see… just when I was feeling a bit deflated, up pops a message on my iPad to inform me that I have just sold £57 worth of pop-up greetings cards to a Facebook friend.

Let me explain reader, the pop-up cards are a little sideline I run with my husband. We import them and sell them on Etsy. We started in July last year and although it was a slow start, things really picked up over Christmas time and now it is January and we are still doing some good sales. Isn’t this how every millionaire begins their journey?

I seem to remember Alan sugar selling ice-cream – or was that somebody else?

Are you ever too old to be a successful entrepreneur? I don’t think so.

I am learning lots of new skills at the moment and I’ve just picked up a new social media client. A local bakery whose business I am already immensely excited about – my goodness, their peanut butter brownies are better than sex. Mind you, at my age, peanuts are better than sex, but I digress.

I haven’t heard from the celebrity PR person, but let’s hope he gets in touch tomorrow.

I am feeling positive at the moment. I have a feeling of excitement fizzing in my veins. I meditated for 10 minutes this morning, went for a run and had a flash of inspiration during my 15 minutes of ‘proper’ writing.

I am a badass. I’ve got this!



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