Day five

One conclusion I have made is that it is best to write this blog  and any chapters for my yet-to-be-completed best-selling novel early in the day. It’s 6.25pm now. I’ve spent the best part of Saturday eating my way round Borough and Maltby Street food markets. I’ve drunk several warm buttered pineapple cocktails laced with gin and all I want to do now is curl up on the bed and watch crap TV before I fall asleep – which I reckon will take about 10 seconds.

I still feel good about the fact that I have spent £480 on writing courses, but I am attempting to use that as an excuse not to do any writing until they commence. The first begins next week and the second starts on January 23rd.

I cannot entertain the thought of putting off my writing. That is how bad habits start and I must be vigilant. 15 minutes of writing must be done today – better to have a page of gibberish than nothing at all.

I read the Guardian Weekend magazine earlier and saw mention of a book called the 10 Minute Millionaire. It was meant to be! I am all for a quick fix and this could be exactly what I need. I have ear marked it as my next bit of self-help reading matter once I have finished Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil.

Although it is the weekend,  I feel as if badass thinking, novel writing and the money mindset must not be allowed a vacation. I am trying to create new habits, so I must repeat, repeat, repeat.

Celebrity Big Brother is calling – it’s getting good. The trans woman is falling out with everyone and wants to gouge the drag Queen’s eyes out.


Personal mantra:

I am a money magnet. I am rich beyond belief. I am grateful for all that I have. I am the author of a best-selling novel. I am a great writer. I renounce reality TV.






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