Day nine

“Start thinking of rewards that have real meaning for you,” says Jen Sincero.

Did I tell you about my coat addiction? I have dozens of them. My wardrobe is a mess. It is mostly full of jeans and sweat tops, but my coats, I have fabulous coats!

Today, the latest addition to my coat family arrived. A Bobbi Parka – a fur lined parka that is popular with celebs. Celebs who are 20 years younger than me, but hey ho.

So, a new coat would be my reward, the ‘celebratory feather in your cap’ that Jen recommends in today’s video, but as one has just arrived, I’d better think of a different reward. I am stumped right now. What do I enjoy more than coats? Not much.

I haven’t done any writing today and it is 4.23pm. I have to cook for my family and then be at a meeting at the Council chambers at 7pm. Added to that, I am up at 5am tomorrow for a breakfast meeting. There really is no time.

I am not going to beat myself up about this. Instead, I will write for half an hour tomorrow. Tomorrow is looking a lot more forgiving that today, which has been jam-packed with meetings.

On the up side, my registration form for the creative writing class arrived today. I won’t be able to make excuses when there is homework to hand in, which means I am going to have to start prioritizing my writing.

I have to accept though, that there will just be those days. I got up at 6.30am, sorted some washing, went for a run with the dog and then met with a local businesswoman to formulate a talk we are due to give next month.

I did an interview over the phone and then went to see a client at 2pm. I got home, answered some e-mails and here I am, dashing this out before I cook supper.

I have just asked my husband (who is not working at the moment) if he will cook the supper and the noise that just emanated from him was not English, but it most definitely meant ‘no’.



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