Day 12

See that picture? I took it in the Maldives last year. For 10 years, I’d holidayed on the South Coast of England and after reading You Are A Badass, I decided that more money and a fantastic vacation were on the top of my wants list.

I could hardly believe it when as if by magic, my PR agency signed up a newly opened resort in the Maldives. More money came in plus I took my family on the trip of a lifetime. It was AMAZING!

Today I did Day 12 of Jen Sincero’s Badass Habits course. In the video she talks about words. She says: “What comes out of your mouth, comes into your life. What you focus on, you make more of.”

Prior to landing that Maldives account, I talked to anybody who would listen about how I wanted more money and a nice holiday. And guess what, both things came into my life.

When I was in my teens and 20s, I would tell anybody who would listen, that I was so unlovable, I would never have a boyfriend. And guess what. I didn’t.

Everything changed in my early 30s when I decided to change my tune. I declared to my shocked friends that I was in fact a Goddess and would not consider dating a man who treated me as anything less. Enter my husband from stage left. He is such a wonderful man, it is impossible not to love him. And he treats me like a goddess.

What I am saying is, I KNOW there is something in this. That is why I am here, making grand promises about attracting a cool £1,000,000 into my life.

Jen points out that awareness is key and prompts me to say my personal manifesto out loud. Apparently, I need to ‘repeat the crap’ out of the positive stuff. Now, I do say my personal manifesto (which as you will notice, changes daily) over and over in my head, but saying it out loud? That is difficult. I will try it later when nobody is within earshot, but I reckon a true badass would write it on a sandwich board and head to Leicester Square. *Shudder* Oh the very thought…

Did you notice that? A chink if negativity. That’s the stuff that Jen is urging me to stamp out. So here goes, I am going to say this out loud as I write:

Personal manifesto:

I am in control, right there in the driving seat of my life. I am on the right road. The road towards making £1,000,000 and feeling totally fulfilled in all areas of my life. I am the biggest badass in the building. Get me!


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