Day 13

Today I present you with a picture of my desk. One minute, it was an explosion in a paper factory, the next, it was the uncluttered workspace of a bona fide badass.

I did this because in this morning’s Badass Habits video, Jen urged me to think about my environment. The people I hang out with. The place I work. The music I listen to. Is it lifting me up and carrying me towards my goal?

My first thought was – I do not have the desk of a soon-to-be-millionaire. Hence the tidy up.

Jen talked about how she joined a writers’ group because she was a ‘lazy writer’. Then she went on to say that her writing ‘sucked’ and that by surrounding herself with professional writers and listening to their critiques, she worked hard to get better.

I found these words über encouraging. If Jen doubted her writing and sometimes couldn’t get her badass into gear, then everything I am feeling about my not-yet-written-best-selling-novel, is all perfectly normal! But really, can you believe it, Jen a lazy writer who doubted her abilities!!

After watching the video, I went for a run. Six miles this morning and I really enjoyed it. I decided to change my route and go through one of the Royal Parks instead of along the Thames. Two miles in, I realized I was running along the river. I’d totally forgotten where I was supposed to be headed and had gone down my usual path.

I can see this is an analogy I can apply to my life right now. It is easy to forget where I am heading and fall into old and familiar habits. I must remind myself of my goal whenever I can so that I don’t blindly blunder on towards creating more of the same. Not that that would be a bad thing reader, but I have set myself a goal here and have made a commitment to try and reach it.

On the towpath, I met some local mums. We stopped for a quick chat and New Year’s Resolutions came up. I mentioned that I was going to write for 15 minutes each day – I did not confess that I intended to make £1,000,000 this year. That would have sounded vulgar. Why is that? Why is it okay for Richard Branson to say those words and not me? Anyway, they suggested I make contact with local mum R. She is also a not yet published writer who is posting her work on some online platform and getting helpful feedback. I will get in touch with R this week.

I have also been trying to think of ideas for an online course. Journalism is out. It is a dying art. PR? Would anybody be interested in an online course about PR? Blog writing? Or perhaps I should collaborate with some talent. I will continue to ponder this one.

When I have finished this blog post, I am going to make a piece of stop motion animation so that I can create a Facebook ad for the pop-up cards and increase sales. I am hoping my second child will help me, but at the moment, mother/daughter activities are not at the top of her agenda.

Speaking of Facebook, it will not allow me to boost any of these blog posts. After a long process of trial and never ending error, I deduced that it does not like the words One Year To Make A Million. I am loath to change the name of the blog. I don’t want to lose my banner image either as I think it helps me to keep seeing £100,000,000 written out on a blackboard. I have appealed their decision, but have a feeling it isn’t going to work. I fear I have been thrown into the gambling and lottery category.

And while I am on the subject of lotteries – remember when I said that it would be easier if I won the lottery? I did. The sum total of £2.60 on the EuroMillions. Once again, all that’s missing is a few zeros. But hey, it’s money coming in, so thank-you universe!


Personal mantra

I am a millionaire. I am at the top of my game. I am a badass. Whoop!




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