Making friends with money Day 15




Money and I have got a bit of making up to do. One minute, we were getting on great, the next, it seems that money can’t get of this house quick enough.

Hey money. I thought we had a good thing going. What’s happening?

I know one thing. When my relationship with money sours, I completely dry up creatively. I couldn’t write a birthday greeting in this state, let alone a novel.

I am sorry I doubted you money (in case you are wondering reader, in her book, You Are A Badass At Making Money Jen Sincero urges us to write a letter to money. Yes really!). I know you always come back in the end and I must have more faith. When I believe in you, you are attracted to me and it’s great for both of us.

Will you forgive me money? Can we be friends now? Please come back!

In the wake of an avalanche of bills and my husband’s confession that he is officially brassic, I have cashed in an ISA so that I can get on with the business of making money rather than spending all my time and energy worrying about it. That is not how a millionaire is made.

In her Badass Habits video, Jen reminded me that all is good. I have made a commitment to being my brightest biggest badassiest self. It’s true. I am STILL doing her course. STILL writing this blog daily and I have spent at least 15 minutes on my novel every day. Plus, I have taught myself how to edit video and have created a social media ad for the pop-up cards. It’s not quite Paolo Sorrentino, but it’s a start.

In fact, I did have a flash of inspiration yesterday, at the petrol station of all places. In my head, the Jesus in my novel looked a bit like Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth – all chocolate curls and glacial eyes. But what if he was a big, red-headed Welsh rugby player? I mean really, who would ever believe he was the Messiah?

And what if your mother made you believe that you were the son of God, when all the while, you were the son of Barry from Camarthen who runs an off-licence? As you can see, I am playing about with the idea. Just as well as the online writing course starts tomorrow.

They sent me a form, which said I must agree to ‘complete writing tasks’. That is music to my ears. I can only ever complete a writing task with a deadline hanging over my head.

Anyway. It’s been a good day. I went to an early morning ballet lesson. I’ve earned £600 (it is sobering to think I need to earn £2,739 a day for 7 days a week to reach a million. Only £2,139 to go…) and one of my good friends is raring to come on the badass journey with me. I need to surround myself by likeminded badasses and trust me, they are growing in numbers, especially as I recommend Jen’s books to anybody who stands still long enough for me to talk to them.

Personal manifesto

I love money. I welcome it into my life. It’s coming thick and fast. I commit to being a badass. To staying positive and showing gratitude. Let’s do this!

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