Crisis? What crisis? Day 18

It’s 10.35pm. I haven’t written a jot and I have been up since 5am. Most of the day has been spent with a young female rugby player who is going to be a brand ambassador for one of my clients.

She is one of life’s optimists. She has a rare condition, which means she cannot digest protein. She has to follow a strict diet and drink lots of manmade protein drinks which apparently taste like chemicals.

The one thing she can consume is sugar and if I were her, I would spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself on the sofa, gorging on Haribos. Instead, she is at the gym, lifting the kind of weights most grown men couldn’t shift and going out there and grabbing life by the rugby balls.

I was not like that at 23 and in fact, struggle to be like that even now. I often find that people who have had to face adversity at a young age, turn out to be positive, go getting and uncomplaining.

She was such pleasant company, that when she called to say she’d dropped her watch in a park where we did a photoshoot,  I gladly drove down there, broke in and hunted for it in the pitch dark. I am pleased to say, that just as I was about to give up, I saw it glint in the torchlight.

I got home to find that somebody was threatening us with legal action over the design of one of our pop-up cards – it’s a long and boring story.

I tell myself that this sort of thing happens in business. All the time. I need to learn from it, dust myself off and carry on. Be a bit more like the young woman I spent the day with.

On the upside, I did a webinar with Thinkific yesterday and have decided there is a real market for a social media for mid-lifers course. I have had so many requests from over 40s for basic social media instruction, the course will save me at least two days of my time, even if it makes no money. It will of course, cos I is a badass ( you can tell it’s late, can’t you).

I mentioned it at my networking breakfast at 6.30am (!!) and I already have three takers, so I’ve got to complete it now.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I have vowed to spend at least four hours on the novel, three on the social media course and none crying over lost pop-up cards.

It’s such a shame, as the pop-up card business has been going so well. I hate it when good things turn sour, but I must stay positive. I am on a journey and there will be speed bumps, pot holes and bad weather on the way. I’ve just got to keep my eye on the road and my foot on the gas.

Personal manifesto

I am a badass. I don’t let a few hiccups stop me on my path to success. I will learn from setbacks. I am a money magnet.

PS The feng shui money frog is on his way! Ribbit.

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