Getting off my badass. Day 19

It’s time for action!

I heard a voice in my head as I lumbered along the Thames in freezing drizzle this morning. I hear voices a lot. I like to think it’s the product of a creative mind, but fear it might just be insanity. Don’t judge me reader…

As I pounded the towpath, my head whirling with thoughts of pop-up card lawsuits and dashed dreams, I heard Andy Puddicombe of Headspace say (he was probably counting his 25 million squid at the time) ‘be present.’

So I did. I banished worries from my mind, breathed in a lungful of wet, earthy air and took in my surroundings. It was one of those moments. Everything was just so…sublime. This planet we inhabit is beautiful. I can’t bear to think that one day I am going to have to leave it. I really do love being and feeling alive. I must remind myself to be more grateful for this.

The night I decided to make a million in 2018, I had been in bed, reading a book by Liz Jones, or Liz Moans as I call her. She is a terrific writer with a wonderful, dry sense of humour. Her USP is that she must be one of the most negative people to have walked this earth.

She has a column in the Mail on Sunday and it is always about the bad stuff that has happened to her or she believes is about to. The irony is, if she were to write cheerful, optimistic pieces, I doubt she’d be as successful as she is.

What she moans about usually comes to pass. Liz is the mistress of her own misfortune. It is as plain as the nose on my face. And hers. If I am to be the mistress of a million pounds, I will have to ooze positivity from my very pores. Although that does actually sound a bit disgusting.

It’s Saturday today and I have made a promise to myself that I will write for four solid hours. That is four hours of ‘proper’ writing. It really is time to take some serious action. I will come back to you reader, when I have finished. Let’s just hope that by that point, I am not rocking back and forth in a dark corner with a dozen voices chasing through my mind.

Well reader, it’s 5.16pm. I have done three and a half hours of writing (punctuated by Monmouth’s finest coffee and various interruptions) – that’ll do me nicely. I only wrote 1000 words in that time, but I think I have the opening to my novel. It feels good to have actually achieved something – rather than simply talking about it.

Tomorrow, I am going to compile the online social media course, but now, I am going to switch off and spend some time with my kids. It’s been so long, they may not even recognise me!

Personal manifesto

I am a big fat badass novelist.  I love my life.  I live in a state of abundance and money is coming right at me!






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