Relax Day 20

And relax….

I have spent five nerve jangling hours trying to produce content for my social media course today. This wouldn’t have been too bad, had my computer not been on its last legs. It’s been making the sort of clunking, groaning noises you’d expect of an old tractor, not a 21st century computer. The final straw came when Dropbox informed me that my iMac is so old, we must part ways. Cheek! I’ve been a paying customer for years now. The same happened with my laptop and I had to buy a new one – I wonder if they have some obsolescence deal with Apple?

Dropbox is something I use on a daily basis. I cannot do without it and the only way to get it back in operation is to update my operating system – but I cannot do that as my computer is in the equivalent of a cyber intensive care unit. So, reader, I had to spend a cool £3,258.94 on a new computer today. Money continues to rush out of the door, but breeattthhhhe, it’s okay, I am investing in my future.

In case you are wondering why I spent so much, I have always worked on Apples, so it made sense to get a new iMac and I also needed something fast enough to cope with the demands of video editing etc, a whole new world I have entered since managing social media accounts for clients. Earning a million really is turning out to be VERY expensive.

So, I spent three and a half hours writing yesterday and five hours on the course today. I am tired, my neck aches and I have a headache, but I only have myself too blame. I always do this. I get over enthusiastic and do too much in one go. It’s not a great approach as I quickly burnout and am good for nothing. I realise, that to be successful in my bid to earn £1,000,000 this year, I need to do less. I must slow down, take a deep breathe and relax from time to time.

I haven’t done Jen’s video yet, I have two pitches to write for a client, one proposal to draft and there is a tsunami of washing to be done. Nobody said this would be easy though, did they? I wonder if Richard Branson is this tired on a Sunday? I very much doubt it. The way forward is to work smart and not hard.

On the upside, my husband has cooked dinner, so he’s in for some brownie points.


Personal manifesto

I have so much faith, there is no need to work myself into the ground. I must chill out, go with the flow and take one small step at a time. That is what a genuine badass would do – and I am one. Oh yes I am!



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