Keeping the faith – Day 21


It is important to keep the faith. That was Jen Sincero‘s message in today’s Habits video. She urged me to act as if I already had the thing that I so desired and to be thankful for it.

Trouble is, I had a look at the blog last night, which was a bit of a wake up call. Michelle, the horribly successful author of said blog, publishes her income and expenditure so all the world can see the inner workings of her finances.

The numbers were long and there were lots of them. She makes about $1.5 a year and knows where every penny is coming from. Her blog earns her a stonking amount, so please dear readers, tell all your friends about this site and I pinky promise I’ll stand you all a drink or two when I am loaded.

Michelle says she is thinking like a ‘CEO’. She is heading up a proper business, with proper figures and being a proper badass.

I feel as if I am just making vague wishes and faffing around with various half-baked projects.

What Jen said…

Anyway, I decided to follow Jen’s advice and aside from a parking nightmare with the dreaded RingGo app (I HATE that app with a passion. Please can somebody invent something a bit more user friendly – God knows how pensioners cope with it. And before you accuse me of being patronising, my mother-in-law still has a Motorola RAZR from 2004) I had a good day.

I stopped beating myself up so much and enjoyed a leisurely lunch with this great TV producer I met recently. Afterwards, I got a call about a potential PR gig with a high profile client who has a net worth to make your head spin. I really want that account. Did you hear that universe? I REALLY want it!

If I get that job, I might have some numbers that are worth crowing about like Michelle’s.

Some new pop-up cards came from Vietnam today and they are just brilliant, so I am filled with optimism about that little venture again. I haven’t done any ‘novel’ writing yet, but there is still time!


Personal manifesto

I am so grateful for the vast fortune I am sitting on like a big, fat happy feng shui frog (he came today! Hence the picture). I am a PR, novel writing, pop-up card selling badass.



My husband has just seen the frog and said ‘That is f****** ridiculous. The only person with any sense is the one selling the feng shui frogs.’ Pah!


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