Gratitude – Day 22

“We rarely take the time to appreciate what is going on in our lives, what we’ve already accomplished,” says Jen.

I had that thought only yesterday. I’ve been getting up at 6am in a bid to fit in all the many tasks that must be completed on the path towards £1 million. This means my early morning runs really are early. Yesterday, I took the dog out at 7am and ran past people trudging towards the railway station. They were on their way to work and looked as if they wanted to be anywhere but.

I haven’t done a proper 9-5 job since I was in my mid-twenties and can’t bear the idea of joining the masses of grey-faced commuters to shuttle into central London and back on a daily basis. I am SO lucky! I can take tea breaks when I like, wear tracksuits all day if I wish (and trust me, I do!) and there was a time when I had the odd afternoon nap.

I am so grateful for the life I have carved out and right now, things are exciting. There are potential PR clients in the pipeline, new pop-up cards to sell and my writing course at the local university, starts tonight. If that doesn’t warrant a bit of woohooery then I don’t know what does!

The money frog is settling in nicely. Funnily enough, we have sold a LOT of pop-up cards in the last 24 hours, so perhaps he is working his magic. Or perhaps it’s to do with that flurry of posts on social media!

Talking of social media. I have a Twitter and a Facebook account so do follow me – I am @oneyrmillion on Twitter and One Year To Make A Million on FB. I would normally pay to boost my posts and get the word out there, but FB has BANNED any advertising of my blog as it is ‘Promoting the idea of earning a lot of money with little or no effort.’ What the hell is wrong with that? And who says it is no effort. I am bloody shattered.

Anyway, onwards!

Personal manifesto

I am one lucky woman. I have a great life. I love it! I am also a cash magnet with a fanastic novel just bursting to get out. And I love frogs. Hooray for me!

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