Serene Genie – Day 23


I think Andy Puddicombe has got to me. I started his ‘Restless’ meditation chapter on the Headspace app the other day and ironically, when I clocked in this morning, I felt unusually serene. And I liked it.

After the first 10 minute ‘Restless’ session, I made a conscious decision to let go of all the ‘what ifs’. ‘What if I lose a client?’, ‘what if we get sued?’, ‘what if my husband never gets another contract?’ ‘what if, what if, what if….?’

The ‘what ifs’ serve no useful purpose. They simply drain me of energy and dull my enthusiasm, so instead I am going with the blind faith option. I just believe that somehow this is all going to work out and if it doesn’t, well, I haven’t blighted my days on this planet with ‘what ifs’.

In yesterday’s Habits video, Jen urged me to think of all the things I have achieved since starting her course at the turn of 2018 rather than all that I haven’t. It was interesting to look at things from a new, more positive perspective. Okay, so money continues to rush out the door like it’s got a better offer, but I have:

  • Started two writing courses and completed all tasks to date.
  • Learned how to edit video and made ads for Facebook.
  • Begun compiling an online social media course.
  • Signed up a new PR client.
  • Written a blog post EVERY day.
  • Meditated each morning.
  • Exercised regularly.
  • Continued to fast 1 – 2 days per week.
  • Sold a shed load of pop-up cards.

I read that list and think ‘Who is that woman? Somebody make her a Dame…’

So yeah, feeling pretty badassy today.


Personal manfesto

It’s official. I am the biggest badass in the building. I am on the road to riches. I’m going to buy you all a drink. Yee ha!

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