Money, money, money – Day 24

Money and I are getting along a whole lot better. He is creeping back to the house, tail between his legs and ready to do business. In fact, we’ve even had a bit of a party and I’ve eaten a cinnamon bun, some chocolate banana loaf and an obscenely calorific butter caramel crunchy seed thing – don’t be fooled by the word ‘seed’ as it was not a healthy option.

Although I was feeling celebratory, the real reason for gorging on so many cakes today is that I am doing some PR work for a local bakery. At this rate, I’d better sign up a personal trainer and somebody who can do liposuction fast.

I haven’t meditated today. I got up at 5am for an early breakfast networking thing, although that’s not an excuse. I hate these events and this morning, I toyed with the idea of jacking them in. Surely, life is too short to rise that ungodly hour in perpetuity?

It’s not all bad. I had coffee with a finances guy who has signed me up for some life cover – I am trading in my old £35 a month policy for a £50 one, which includes half-price gym membership, half-price running shoes, free cinema tickets and get this, a free Apple watch. That’s as long as I manage 13,000 steps a day. No problem!

The other half is NOT keen. He thinks it is a waste of money, but only because he feels as if Big Brother is watching his couch potato ways. Mwaaahhahahah!

I got a phone call today and the voice on the other line said ‘I’ve got some money for you.’ It’s a thing I agreed to a while ago, whereby I’d get a small % if something came to fruition, which it did. Anyway, that set the tone. The cards have sold like hotcakes and I reckon we’ll turnover £1,000 this month. I’ve almost forgotten I have a massive tax bill to pay in a few days – and I am several marathons away from earning £1m.

I did some writing today, but got a little freaked out when I read some work online by some of my course mates. They are good. Really good. I feel quite intimidated. It’s like going to a creative writing class with Emily Bronte. The good news is, I am going to learn a lot from these people.

Personal manifesto

Riches are rushing in. The universe has got my back. I am on the road to a million squid.

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