Doing the maths – day 27

It hasn’t been the most productive of days, but I guess that’s okay for a Sunday. I had a blissful lie-in until 9am and then walked the dog with my husband. It can’t really be counted as exercise as we trudged to the nearest café and then ate croissants the size of babies’ heads with great big dollops of raspberry jam.

I haven’t meditated, leafed through any self-help guides or even said my mantra – although I did watch my words and resisted the urge to moan about the state of our finances as we waddled our way home.

My husband’s latest trick was to announce that he had just received a tax bill he didn’t know was coming – he’s been paying IR35 tax for more than a year now (an eye watering 50%) so had mistakenly thought he was all paid up.

There was no point in panicking. I took a deep breath and reminded myself to keep the faith. Your life is what you think and say and I don’t recall looking in the mirror and mouthing the words: ‘I am as poor as a church mouse.’

It’s been almost a month exactly since I vowed to make a million in 2018, so I thought I’d better let you know how things are going.

Turnover has been good, but my actual ‘profit’ for January has been £1,000. 

Is this a disaster?

It depends on which way you look at it and in the name of badassery, I am going to go for the positive spin.

By buying a new computer I have invested in my future. Likewise, paying staff enables me to go out and court new clients. I have built a solid foundation on which to grow my fortune.

The card turnover is double what it was in November and neither I nor my husband expected the sales to be doing this well in January. My next goal is to double the turnover to £2,000. I’ve tackled the mortgage, so the rental income will also be up next month and I have a couple of potential new PR clients in the offing. The stabilizers are coming off…I’m on my way!

Personal manifesto

I am a cash magnet. Money just won’t leave me alone. It loves me and I love it right back. We’re going to be very happy together and what’s more, there’ll be enough to share with my friends and family.


    • I know, it’s all a matter of perspective – but that is my income post Badass book – it was less than half that before!


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