Change takes time – Day 28

Things take time. That’s what Jen said this morning and it really resonated. Impatience is my middle name. I want everything right NOW!

She suggested I take a chill pill, let go and allow things to take their course knowing that the universe has my back. And that is what I am going to do.

There are a few new PR opportunities simmering away and they will come to boil when the time is right. The cards are going well. I just need to finish the online social media course and post it up. The fact that there aren’t six big fat zeros in my  bank account just yet doesn’t mean there won’t be.

It’s the same with the novel. A friend of mine took a month off and wrote a bestselling children’s novel in that time. She’s written three now! This woman has more energy than the Hadron Collider and I take my hat off to her. It is going to take me a little, maybe even a lot, longer. I know one thing –  I have heaps to learn when it comes to novel writing and I am up for the challenge.

The Yoastest with the mostest

Some kind person from WordPress just fixed my Yoast plugin so I can be SEO’d up to the eyeballs from now on. The chat facility really did satisfy my need for instant gratification. One of their ‘Happiness’ team popped up in the chat box in an instant and fixed things behind the scenes.

I only have one more day of Jen’s Habits course left to do. I am going to miss it, although I plan to go round the loop and do it all again – just to make sure the message sinks in.

Muffin top

It is one of my fasting days today. I’ve been doing the 5:2 for two years now. Stupidly, I have arranged to go and see a new client. In their BAKERY, which will be brimming with cookies, bagels, muffins…I may have to staple my mouth together and use sign language.


Personal manifesto

I have faith. The universe has got my back. I am a money-making, novel-writing badass. The universe says there are no calories in baked goods (okay, so that bit’s not true, but imagine…).


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