The power of the frog – Day 29

I had three words to say to my husband yesterday. Do you know what they were dear reader?

Feng shui frog.

You see, I stroked the little frog’s head yesterday and I spoke to him (I am starting to wonder if I am unravelling faster than a skein of silk in a cattery).

Then, as if by magic, my husband found a pension plan he didn’t know he had worth thousands and somebody in America, bought 18 of our pop-up cards in one go. Whoop!

We sold £120 worth of cards online yesterday. To think, that’s what I earned for a gut-busting eight hour day shift on a national magazine until recently. Pottering to the post box was far less effort, let me tell you.

So, we are feeling positive and today that little feng shui frog is going to be showered with kisses. Who knows, he might even turn into a handsome prince!

Slowing things down…

Taking time seems to be a very important theme at the minute. I was at the bakery this morning hoping to take some footage of a cake being iced as I am doing their social media.

Anyway, it took AGES. People kept coming in for a chat, a coffee etc. I was growing a little impatient, but in the course of the hour I spent there, I met a student from the local university who is studying animation and would you believe it – I’d just been thinking ‘What I really need is a young student who can do some animation for me.’

Thank-you universe. I took his e-mail address and hope to do business. The power of animation cannot be underestimated when it comes to social media.

I am not one to slow down, but I should. I probably miss 90% of the opportunities that come my way because I am rushing around like a loon, in a frantic bid to make money.

It’s like I don’t have any faith in the process – even though I have read Jen’s books several times over. I could probably recite chapters by heart now.

I shall keep reading them until the message sinks in. I know this is not just some New Age sorcery because some of the magic has already come into my life. Fairweather Walker commented on my blog that from where she was sitting, I already look like a millionaire and it’s true.

I’m doing great. My earnings have doubled thanks to the power of Jen. It’s all happening. I just need to slow down and enjoy the trip.

Personal manifesto

I believe. I believe in the power of the universe and feng shui frogs. I am a money magnet. I am smashing it out of the park. Ribbit…

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