Happiness is rocket fuel – Day 30

I took a bit of time off today. Officially, I was having lunch with a journalist – PRs have to do that a lot. Unofficially, I was meeting an old friend, having a rare midday cocktail and laughing like a proverbial drain. I left with a full belly and a smile on my face – and not just because she bought me lunch.

Pre Badass book, I didn’t like taking time off midweek. It made me feel guilty and I would invariably work into the night to make up for it. Now though, having declared my undying love for myself in the mirror umpteen times, I know I am worth it. Plus happiness is rocket fuel and without it, I will sputter to a grinding halt.

As I arrived in SE1 for my lunch date, I felt incredibly lucky. I had no watch-tapping boss waiting for me in the office. I am the boss of me and even though I have been self-employed for 27 years, that still gives me a bit of a thrill. *Dances with joy*

The finances

Life is good at the moment. The finances are not escalating quite as I’d hoped, but as I said yesterday, or was it the day before? Things take time. Small steps of progress have been made and I like where I’m heading.

I’ve started to enjoy both the writing courses, I am getting some good results for my existing PR clients and my husband has sorted out a Click and Drop account for the pop-up cards, which means we don’t waste hours typing in addresses or fretting over whether or not we got the post code right. It is never helped by the fact that my glasses are from Poundland.

Going forwards

I have a niggling feeling that I should be doing something concrete in my bid to obtain £1,000,000. I am not tapping numbers into spreadsheets or trying to nail down exactly where this cash is coming from. I really don’t know. I just have to believe it is there – or as the books say, I have got to act as if I already have it. This is something I struggle with. Trust me, you’d know by the look on my face if I really possessed that much moolah. How do you fake that feeling?

I love that story about how Jim Carey wrote himself a cheque for £1,000,000 and believed it would be made manifest. Perhaps I’ll try that. Jen says you should leave money all over the house, so that you get the feeling it’s everywhere and easy to come by. I did this for a while, but the kids pocketed it.

Personal manifesto

I believe! I am rich. I am a feng shui money frog in human form. Everything I touch turns to gold – apart from people and pets. I am full of gratitude. I love my life and I love espresso martinis.

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