Badass ballerina – Day 31

This morning I treated myself to a ballet class – I know, long lunches, ballet classes, it’s a wonder I ever get any work done!

I’ve got two people working for me today, so I figured I could afford an hour and a half off. I must say, I do enjoy this new being kind to myself thing that I’ve got going on. I’m the best boss I’ve ever had!

Reader let me tell you, I have NO talent in the ballet department, but I absolutely love these classes. The steps are SO hard, I have to concentrate deeply and there is simply no room in my brain for other thoughts, stress, worries etc. It’s wonderfully meditative, the music is glorious and I always feel better for it.

When I was a little girl, I longed to be a ballerina. My grandmother made me a pink tutu for my third birthday and I had a pile of books, which had ballerinas on the cover. I gorged on tales of misfit girls who had their moment of glory when they were cast as the dying swan or the sugar plum fairy.

I had ballet lessons, but alas, somebody and I cannot remember who, told me I was too fat and clumsy for ballet. So that was that. I didn’t don a pair of ballet shoes or a tutu again, until now that is. Fear not, I don’t wear a tutu – there are limits reader.

It’s true. I am not the typical shape you’d expect of a ballerina and yes, I am a bit clumsy. So what? Who cares? Not me, not any more.

I got the hankering to sign up for ballet when I watched a TV show where Wayne Sleep (famous hoofer who danced with Princess Diana) took a bunch of big women and got them to do a performance of Swan Lake. It was superb and I thought ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’

A while later, I was buying dance clothes for my daughter (now 11) when I mentioned to the lady in the shop that I’d always longed to do ballet. She gave me the number of my current teacher and here I am.

Being a badass isn’t just about making money. It’s about being who I am without giving a s*** about what anybody else thinks. I love being a ballet dancing, moolah making, novel writing badass!

Money matters

No financial news to report. We’ve sold out of one of our Valentine’s pop-up cards, so have put in a hurried re-order with our suppliers.

Personal manifesto

I love my life. I live it to the full and have health, happiness and good fortune. Money comes easily to me. My little feng shui frog is a happy chappy. Ribbit.

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