Falling in love with life – Day 33

They say that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but I’ll tell you one thing for free – the pursuit of it does.

Okay, so a little over a month in, there hasn’t been a radical change in my finances, but I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

I feel really alive. Excited. Stimulated and certain that the universe has got my back. Honestly, I don’t care how hippy dippy that sounds – it feels great!

Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass – How To Live An Awesome Life and Stop Doubting Your Greatness has worked wonders for me. What it’s done is open my eyes to what was already there. Anything has always been possible. If it weren’t for that conversation I had with my sister back in 2016, I would be sat here, worrying about the bills coming in, weeping over my lost freelance work and counting down the days until my retirement.

Instead, I’m really getting into my groove over here. I’m in the driving seat and it feels like a Porsche and not a battered old Renault Scenic that smells of sick (Our not-so-beloved family car that I traded in a year ago for something posh with heated leather seats – because Jen did something similar and it worked for her!).

My Saturday

The other half has gone off to market with the pop-up cards today and I plan to complete a few of the writing tasks set by new tutor.

Last night, I was at the bakery until gone 11pm trying out a bit of time lapse photography. It worked a treat and the footage is now on social media garnering likes and love.

I’m not getting paid much to do the bakery’s social media and am doing way more hours than I should, but I love being part of their team. It felt like something out of a fairytale last night. It was warm and glowing. It smelt of ginger and cinnamon and sugary magic took place before my eyes.

Feeling passionate about the work is so important. I guess that’s what’s made me fall in love with my life. That and all the amazing, clever and creative new people I’m meeting.

Yeah, so things are good – and I’ve got ginger cookies


Personal manifesto

I am grateful for all the wonderful things coming into my life right now. I am a cash magnet. I am a millionaire. Ginger cookies are good for you.


PS The new computer has come. It’s super fast and is going to save me hours!





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