The truth hurts – Day 34


Yesterday I was totally smitten with my life until I got into a fight with technology. The language I used would make Kim Kardashian’s hair curl and all because I couldn’t work how to use the latest version of QuickTime on the new Mac.

Ordinarily, an escapade like this would kill a positive mood stone dead, but when I looked at what I’d said in the Day 33 post, I realised that I couldn’t let a bit of Apple tech spoil things.

Reading over old posts is so illuminating. On some days, I make strident promises but have forgotten them 24 hours later, on others, my negativity seeps though even though I’ve tried to stifle it. It seems to me that my moods shift like desert sands in a cyclone.

It is so uplifting to look back at posts written on days when I feel like a cheerleader on the winning team. Likewise, it’s helpful to remind myself that negativity is often lurking in the wings. I am getting so much from this blog and I hope you are too.

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie,” Stephen King

I was running along the river this morning when a new idea for a novel struck me. I already have a ‘catchy’ idea for a novel, so I tried to ignore it. Besides, this idea would mean I’d have to write about sex. I wouldn’t want certain people to read it. It might cause offence and upset.

It is WAY outside my comfort zone and that’s the problem. Now I am wearing the official badass T shirt, that is where I must venture.

Here goes…


Personal manifesto 

I am a big fat novel writing badass who is not afraid of the truth. I love money and it loves me.



  1. Your entries are inspiring for me because, though I’m not focused on money, an abundance of it so that I have certain freedoms is part of what I’m trying to create, along with energy and loving relationships. I’m working with my thoughts and words — also testing, also falling back into old habits of thinking, talking, and writing — as one does, perhaps, when things aren’t turning out the way I want them to, hoped they would, or tried damn hard to get them to! So I love following your progress — and your lack of it, too.

    Rzzzl Frrrzzzl Grrrr — getting accustomed to a new computer is so frustrating! I hear ya.


    • It’s the freedom that money brings that I crave too. I hate being a slave to the never ending stream of bills – although that woman who wrote The Secret, says I should be thankful for the bills! It is SO easy to fall back into bad habits. In fact, it is what tends to happen if you don’t keep reminding yourself to keep up the new ones. Oh and don’t get me started on the computer – I can’t seem to find anything any more! Thanks for reading. X


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