I am a millionaire – Day 35


I had a meeting with a financial advisor today. He is a member of BAD and we are encouraged to have 1-2-1s. Anyway, this one seemed timely given that I am trying to earn £1 million and am not even close one month in.

This guy’s strapline is ‘Making us all millionaires’, so I said to him over coffee, ‘How can you help me become a millionaire?’ and he replied ‘You are already a millionaire.’

And it’s true. If we sold our house today, we would indeed be millionaires. We’d even have somewhere to live as we have a couple of rental properties by the coast.

I am a millionaire already and I should be thankful. I should be acting like a millionaire – and by that I don’t mean sailing around in a Rolls Royce and buying my groceries from Fortnum & Mason.

The financial advisor suggested we sell the house and use our £1million profit to make another £1million. That sounds like sound advice of the kind that Warren Buffet would approve of in-between his egg McMuffins, but I’m not quite ready to sell the house just yet.

So, I accept that I am already a millionaire. I will tell my gratitude stone (that one’s for another post reader) that I am everso thankful for this, which I am, I really am. To think, there are millions of people out there who wonder if they’ll ever be able to afford their own home, especially in this neck of the woods.

Aside from recognizing my own millionaire status, I haven’t achieved much today. It’s been a day of bitty jobs. A few e-mails here, some phone calls there and far too much time spent searching for lost items of PE kit.

It’s the writing class tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. We had to describe a garden for homework. I managed to conjure up some ‘shuddering lupins’ and ‘foxgloves drowsy in the heat’ but struggled. I need to work harder on my scene setting. I am always in a hurry to get to the next plot twist – which is how I am in life.

I must remember to slow down and savour the moment…


Personal manifesto

Hello, I’m a millionaire, nice to meet you – and no you can’t borrow a tenner. I am a big, bountiful badass on the road to brilliance.



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