Bad habits are creeping in – day 36


Old habits are worming their way back in. I haven’t got up at 6am for a week now (aside from the days when I go to BAD), I meditate sporadically and I am only doing the ‘proper’ writing required of me by my tutors.

There’s been a lot of PR work on my plate of late, so I won’t berate myself too much, but I have to watch this. A few days ago I said I would make writing a priority and already, I’ve parked it on the back seat.

It takes work to keep up badass habits and I must –

  •  Chunk it down and make small steps in the right direction.
  • Make it easy to keep up the good habits – i.e. by getting up early to write.
  • Say my personal mantra at least five times a day.
  • Reward myself for sticking to the new good habits.
  • Remind myself of how far I’ve come
  • Hang out with people who have good habits.

Bad habits

I’ve become addicted to a BBC drama called Requiem. TV is my undoing. I love it. This particular show is a ghost story set in Wales. It’s chilling, the scenery is breathtaking and I’m desperate to know what is going to happen next.

Binging on TV dramas is a BAD habit. I haven’t touched season two of Outlander as that will be a killer, but once Requiem is finished, that must be it. Books and not TV!

Money,money, money…

On the finance side of things, we had 20 online card orders yesterday, the husband has got himself a new contract (yay!) and I’ve had a few more PR enquiries. I’m still struggling with the thinking rich concept, but my husband did note that things were much easier this time during his two months out than they were pre Badass book.

Fear of poverty made me a right old rat bag when he wasn’t working previously. I became such a nightmare to live with, he’d often taken the first job offered. This time round, I’ve been grateful for his company during the day and will miss him when he’s at the office

It’s late

By the way reader, it is now 9.15pm. I am writing this blog later and later in the day. Dangerous. Next thing you know I will have missed a post. That cannot happen.


Personal manifesto


I am grateful for my wonderful life. I am a moolah magnet. I am a badass. I’ve totally got this.

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