Bring back the quill and ink – Day 37

Oh yet another day tussling with technology. I’ve been working on the social media course and it has driven me nuts. Don’t you just hate it when your computer says ‘The operation cannot be completed’?  It didn’t tell me why of course, that would be way too useful…

Grrrrrrrr. I have paid £3,500 for this!!

I also had to do a PowerPoint presentation for BAD tomorrow at 6.30am. Because I use online PowerPoint, I can only save the damn thing into Dropbox. I want a foolproof method – I don’t want to be scrabbling around Dropbx first thing.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I am not feeling badass or calm. Not one bit.

The good news is, the husband starts his new contract on Monday next week. It means more money coming in hallelujah, but that elusive £1m is still, well elusive.

I hate these niggly days. Tech, e-mails, reports to be filed etc etc. I guess they are a necessity though.

I did have a scary moment when I e-mailed a PR coverage report without realising that the platform I use had copied over not just the relevant newspaper article, but a page or two of click bait ads. Thankfully, somebody spotted that I was about to send the Muslim client a great big photo of a semi naked women with the headline ‘Designer Vagina.’  A close shave…

I have done no writing today either, so tomorrow I will give the apps and tablets etc a miss and try and make inroads into the novel.

I accosted a retired policeman on my run today to quiz him about police procedure for the plot. I have a feeling he is going to change his route from now on….


Personal manifesto

I am a tech wizard. PowerPoint doesn’t faze me. I am a badass. Money is here, oh yes it is!



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