Could do better – Day 38

It’s been a long day. My teenage daughter fainted in the bathroom at 3am and at 7am I had to give a presentation at BAD.

The good news is, the daughter is feeling much better and my presentation went so well, I impressed myself.

I rarely take the time to step back and appreciate just how good I am at my job. I am always terrified that I am going to be found out, that someone, somewhere, will ask ‘So what do you actually do for a living?’

My PR ideas are pretty damned good and I need to focus on doing the things that people value, rather than the admin, legwork sort of tasks. If I am to expand the PR side of things, I must take on a new member of staff. I know I keep saying this – it’s the doing I find so hard!

I am getting more requests for social media management, but nobody wants to pay. I explain that it takes a LOT of time and clients nod in agreement and tell me that is precisely why they want outside help. When I explain my charges, which equate to around £12 an hour, they gasp in horror. Really? That much?

This leads me to think that perhaps the social media side of things is a waste of time. I don’t have enough time left on this planet to make £1 million on £12 an hour.

The online social media course is very nearly finished, so we’ll see how that goes down.

I took time out to do a ballet class today and I squeezed in half an hour of ‘proper’ writing. I’ve decided to do Jen’s Badass Habits course all over again, so that these new habits really set in.

They haven’t yet. I am doing too much ‘busy’ and not enough positive thinking. Could do better.

Personal manifesto

I am the best PR person I’ve ever worked with. I am brimming with creative ideas. I am a money magnet. It is pouring into the house, honestly, it’s a veritable tidal wave. Woohoo!


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