Time to smarten up – Day 39

I have just one hour left dear reader, until I am supposed to be at a neighbour’s house dressed fit for the mayor’s ball. I currently look so rough, I doubt they’d even let me into a soup kitchen.

Hence, this blog post must be somewhat hurried. What I really want to do, is have an early night and crack on with the novel, but the husband and I are going to this do with a client, so we must be on best behaviour.

I went to BAD this morning and came home with £70 after selling a crop of our pop-up Valentine’s Cards. All but one were bought by men as it seems the ladies have their act together and had already made their purchases.

The cards have been flying out of the house. We’ve sold around 140 Valentine’s Day cards, which isn’t bad going. It’s about £350 profit, good, but not going to make me a millionaire unless we upscale dramatically.

We are hurtling into Feb now and there are no signs of me making a mint. I think it is time to sit down and formulate a proper strategy. I cannot rely on magic and mantras. I’ll add them into the mix, but I need to do some serious planning – in-between writing a novel, selling pop-up cards, blogging daily and running a PR business.

I’ve said this before, but I think I have fingers in too many pies and something is going to have to give. I am not sure what it is yet. It’s definitely NOT the writing that’s for sure.

Time is ticking. I am going to have to beautify myself sharpish. God knows what the husband is wearing. After two months out of work, he looks positively homeless. I may have to pretend he is a complete stranger.



Personal manifesto

I am on the road to riches. I am a money magnet. Great things are happening in my life. It’s all to play for.

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