Over doing things – Day 41

I’ve done it again. Tried to get too much done and as a result, I have a cracking headache at 9pm on a Sunday evening. Things take time. That’s what Jen said in her Habits course and I appear to have forgotten it already.

I spent about three hours on the social media course, which is taking me a LOT longer than anticipated. I am going to try and get it finished in the next seven days. It’s half-term next week and typically, my husband starts a new job, which leaves me spinning more plates than I’d like.

There are two meetings in the diary for next week, but I must make a conscious decision not to pencil in any more as I want to try and spend some time with the kids. I’ve got two potential clients who are being very demanding at the moment and I think I need to point out that one meeting is gratis, but any more of my time has to be on the clock. I am not a free PR advisory service. That’s not the badass way of doing business.

My daughter wants to watch The Gilmore Girls with me on Netflix now, so I am going to make this a short post. I’ve ignored her most of the day, argued with her when she refused to help with my Instagram video, so now I am going to try and make it up to her.

She’s 11 and snuggling up in bed with me to watch TV is her favourite thing in the world. It won’t be for long, so I must make the most of it.

The other daughter is poorly with flu and wasting away before my eyes. She couldn’t even swallow a tiny forkful of her favourite banana cake. I really hope she is better tomorrow. Really, the work is easy compared to being a mum.

Personal manifesto

Things take time. That’s why I am a patient badass who treats herself with respect and doesn’t overdo things. I am living in a state of extreme abundance.

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