Lightbulb moment – Day 42


I’d been wondering if this blog would serve a purpose, other than to remind me not to forget my badass habits, mantras and declarations of self love and do you know what reader, I had a lightbulb moment.

As part of our writing course homework, we had to write a page using third person narrative and then first. I assumed I was going to write my novel in the third person and scratched my head over how on earth I could do it in first.

Then I hit upon the idea of doing it as a daily blog post – rather like this one, only with a LOT more sex, intrigue, drama and plot. We had to post up both examples and so far, my blog idea gets the confidence vote.

I still have the headache. Card sales are down now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way and no new PR clients on the horizon. Really, how many more times have I got to kiss that blasted feng shui frog and declare that I am a big mama of a cash magnet?

I did that thing today. Other mums will recognise it. You’re busy concentrating, your child asks a question and you reply ‘Yeah, whatever’ without tearing your eyes from the screen, cooking, sums or whatever it is you are doing.

There are now four pre-pubescent girls coming to the house for a sleepover. I hate sleepovers! Once they’ve gorged on pizza and sugar, they’ll be ricocheting around the house until the early hours and child two is still poorly with the flu.

I tried to tempt her with some food today, she screwed her nose up and she said ‘Why have you given me something with flavour!?’ Needless to say, she didn’t eat it.

Oh and it’s a fasting day. That’ll be fun when Dominos finest are in the house.


Personal manfesto

I have got this. I am all over it like moisturizing lotion from Poundland. I am badass central. Money is my best friend.

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