Let’s hear it for the mumpreneurs – Day 43

I’ve been thinking about all the famous mumpreneurs like Nicola Horlick today, because from where I’m sitting, badass millionaire ways do not mix with half-term. I’ve spent the day clearing up everything from croissant crumbs to nosebleed splats and stray phlegm while trying to coax the flu-ridden teen to eat.

I failed on the last count and a trip to the doctor’s confirmed that she is dehydrated. I am now writing this on a train into London as I am having dinner with a Lib Dem and a client. I’ve left my 17-year-old son in charge at home and I’m a little scared for all of them as he makes most of the twentieth century dictators look like Tweety Pie.

I’ve still got a headache, so have decided to go easy on myself. Facebook ads for Mother’s Day cards, new chapters of the novel and PR brilliance are going to have to wait until the kids are back at school. I also need to finish the social media course. All the videos are done, I just need to write up the contents.

The good news is, I have a new Apple Watch. Yay! I signed up to a gimmicky life insurance thing which means you get an Apple Watch for free if you do 13,000 steps a day. I agreed to the policy before I looked into how far 13,000 steps is – it could be from Land’s End to John O’Groats for all I know.

I am missing the creative writing class tonight and that pains me. Work has come first, but sometimes it has to. I have a feeling that this private club in Whitehall that I am heading to, is going to be incredibly blokey. Oh well. It’s good to be rubbing shoulders with those who have influence instead of influenza for a change.

I have to sign off now as the 4G will disappear any minute. Until next time reader – apologies for any typos, I don’t have the luxury of editing time.

Personal manifesto

I am a badass mum who spins plates with aplomb. I love my life and all who sail in it. Good times are here. Hello money my old friend!

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