Expect the unexpected – Day 44

The minute I said that badass ways don’t go with half-term, things got a bit, well, badassy!

I went for dinner at a well-known gentleman’s club in London with a PR client and an MP. It was productive and some great PR opportunities arose over a fine mixed grill and chicken supreme. There was a famous actor in the dining room and we rubbed shoulders after being whisked into a strange ante-room that serves as a private club within a private club.

Women aren’t allowed to join. Can you believe that? “It’s 2018!” I told the owner, a charming Italian who assured me that men like to hang out with one another because it means they don’t have to watch their language. Pah! He’s clearly never worked on a tabloid newspaper – I could swear him under the table 10 times over.

He may be sexist, but the owner of said private club has a business that ties in nicely with my client, so a collaboration could be in the offing.

And this morning, I had a meeting with a potential new client. I expected the usual ‘We don’t have any money’ line, but it turns out, it’s a great business and they appear to want some proper PR, marketing and social media support.

So, there you have it. Encouraging things have happened in the past 24 hours when I really wasn’t expecting it. There’s a pattern here. As soon as I take a day off, or decide to pull back and relax, things happen. I must take heed!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I am about to whisper some sweet nothings to the feng shui frog before dining on a £20 meal for five (it’s for two, but the kids will all want some). It’s not exactly what you’d call a millionaire lifestyle, but hey, it’s better than a meal-for-one!


Personal manifesto

I am a badass and I just can’t help it. I love my life. I love my feng shui frog and I love money!


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