A brilliant day off – Day 45

I took the day off. Hurrah! However, I did get up at 6am to walk the dog and spent half an hour doing ‘proper’ writing.  It was worth it as I really felt I’d earned the break as I trundled towards the coast on a train.

No badassery to report. I ate a lot, laughed a lot and had such a great time, I didn’t grumble when the trains home were down due to an electrical fault. I had to take a taxi, which meant spending £20 I hadn’t budgeted for.

I’ve been reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne as a few people have recommended it. It’s not really my bag. I am much more of a no nonsense Jen Sincero kind of person, but I did recall it today as I paid the cabbie. Rather than gnash my teeth over the unexpected expense, I felt thankful that I’d got a ride home and hadn’t had to shiver at the bus stop for half an hour.

The feng shui frog had been busy while I was away, as the husband got a tax rebate in the post today. Yay! I haven’t told him yet, but I spent a fair percentage of that on lunch today – but it’s okay, because I was really grateful for the food, honest!

Card sales have slowed right down in the post Valentine’s Day slump, so at the weekend, I am going to start creating the Mother’s Day cards adverts AND I’m going to finish the social media course and post it online.

I am away all day tomorrow on a job up North. I’ll be spending four hours on a train, which means four glorious hours to spend on the novel…whilst gorging on trolley loads of free snacks as I managed to get a cheap (ish) first class ticket, because I’m worth it!

Still no sign of that £1,000,000, but it’s coming, I believe!

*crosses fingers behind back*


Personal manifesto 

I am on a Pendalino careering towards riches. My life is first class. It’s all coming together and even Rhonda Byrne is starting to make sense.


  1. You might be one of the busiest people I *know* and I hope you won’t burn yourself out in your race to make a million. Putting your health and your spirit and your family first will be more productive than doing otherwise, as I’m sure you already know.
    Did you ever hear about the study done with entrepreneurs who worked seven long days a week? They found that these “bosses” had to be *forced* to take off a day or a weekend or a week, because there was always so much work to do, but the end result of the enforced time off was that they worked *smarter* not harder, had better ideas, etc., and their businesses were far more successful.
    Sorry I can’t point you to that study; it was a few years ago and I heard about it on the radio.
    May that kid of yours soon be over what ails!


    • You’re right, I am stupid busy – it is becoming increasingly clear that time off is creativity’s best friend. I’ve spent most of today chilling out with my youngest and it’s been great. I am going to make a point of working smarter and not harder. Rather be a happy pauper than a sad millionaire any day of the week! Thanks for reading. And yes, child two is finally over the flu. Phew!


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