I believe – Day 47



I knew it was coming. ‘Where is this blog heading exactly?’ said my husband. His disapproval hung heavy in the air. I didn’t answer of course.

He continued on. ‘If you do make £1 million, then we could get targeted by thieves.’

Dear reader, let me explain, my husband sees danger everywhere. I don’t. As a young woman I often roamed the dodgiest parts of London alone after dark and still to this day, I take short cuts up dark alleys, as I never expect a rapist to be hiding in the shadows.

My husband on the other hand, always expects the worst and sometimes, living with someone like that can be exhausting.

He then went on to say: ‘If you don’t make £1 million, well, it’s going to be a rather limp ending isn’t it?’

It may well be. So what? That’s not badass thinking and I am not even going to entertain the idea. Sooner or later, someone was bound to come along and tell me that I’m behaving like a total loon and I guessed it would be my other half.  People said the same to Henry T Ford who responded with this wonderful line:  ‘The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.’

I have thus far failed to make a million pounds for 47 days this year, but reader, the good news is, there are still 318 left, so I am not going to fret just yet.

No, I haven’t hit upon my get rich scheme yet – or perhaps I have. Maybe it’s in a fledgling stage. The novel, the PR business, the cards and even this little blog – they could all come to something. Who knows?

Life’s no fun when you’re a naysayer, so I have to believe. My 11-year-old does. She skipped up to me today and chirped ‘I stroked the feng shui frog and then I found a £5 note in my pocket!’ Don’t you just love kids?


Personal manifesto

I believe. I have faith in my ability to manifest £1 million. I am a brilliant bountiful badass, so there!


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