Over and out – day 48

I finally finished the online social media course today. I thought it was going to be easy to put together a basic package for mid-lifers, but I don’t dare to count the hours it’s taken. Still, it’s done now and I’ve learned a lot.

Some proper writing has taken place, I’ve been for a run and I took my youngest to her gym class, so all boxes have been ticked – work, family and exercise.

I finally got round to watching the last video in Jen’s Habits course yesterday and she told me to congratulate myself on how far I’ve come. I gave myself a great big pat on the back, because since I vowed to make £1 million in a year, I haven’t made a whole lot of extra cash, but I have –

  • Joined two writing classes and done all the homework.
  • Written the first three chapters of my novel.
  • Learned a lot about editing video.
  • Compiled an online social media course.
  • Signed up a new social media client.
  • Prepared the pop-up cards business for an upscale.

Things take time. That’s what Jen says, so even though I feel I haven’t got very far, I have to remind myself that I am taking small steps in the right direction.

It’s nearly 7.30pm now, so I am going to sign off and watch Gilmore Girls with my youngest. We may even eat popcorn in bed. Hell, I know how to live!


Personal manifesto

I am on the road to a million. I am the biggest most bountiful badass in the building, oh yeah!

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