Setting goals – Day 49

I need to set some goals. That’s what the business coach I had coffee with told me this morning. I know he’s right.

I’ve signed up to a group coaching thing he’s running. I will be forced to set goals and will be held accountable if I don’t. It’s a bit like having to give in the writing homework, sometimes I to have my hand forced.

I explained that I want to make £1 million in a year and he didn’t laugh or fall off his chair. He seemed to think there was no reason why it couldn’t be done, but I will have to set some goals. He advised me to turn up to the first meeting with both the Pop-Up Cards and PR businesses on the table, so I can work out where I want to invest my time.

I have a feeling this is a very good move. It means I have to get real about where this extra moolah is going to come from. I will also be sitting at a table with business owners more successful than myself and that will mean I have to raise my game.

His first piece of advice was to identify 100 firms that I would really like to do PR for and contact them. Just as I was about to complain about cold calling never working, he stopped me in my tracks.

“Just get in touch. Don’t railroad them. Introduce yourself. Stay in touch. Send them a gift..etc’ he advised.

Why wouldn’t I do that? What have I got to lose? Task one this week will be to compile that list of companies. In fact, I have a list of exciting companies in my cupboard – I had started contacting them, but gave up because nobody seemed to want to know. This time round, I will be a bit more dogged…but not stalkerish reader.

I got up at 6.30am today with a view to doing some proper writing, but I ended up pottering uselessly and soon the morning was gone. I can’t do it tonight as I am going to a quiz thing and in an hour’s time, I’m at the bakery, writing down recipes – I’m trying to persuade a local magazine to run these. I am doing the PR on a results only basis, so any hits are good news.

I have an hour. Now’s as good a time as any. I’m going to do some proper writing right now!


Personal manifesto

I mean business. I am going to manifest a million pounds. It is coming right at me. Whoop!


PS Reader, that is not me in the photo. That is how they did cold calling back in the 70s. Some of us were there! We even had a sofa that looked a bit like that.



  1. When I used to sell for network marketing — MLM — companies, a bit of insight I picked up from somewhere was to imagine a restaurant on a busy street. A hundred vehicles full of customers would drive right on by without stopping in to buy a meal, but that shouldn’t make the restaurant owner shut the doors and go out of business because sooner or later, one would turn in. And another couple hundred would drive by before the next car turned in. But the ones that turned in would be my customers and make the business successful.

    I couldn’t expect every prospective customer to bite; I just had to know that some would, keep trying, and be patient.


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