Snap happy – Day 51

I’ve done it again reader. I’ve left this blog to the last minute. I’ve just spent the last two hours uploading content for the online social media course. I filmed some stuff to camera at my sister’s house earlier today, because it’s very grand and makes me look successful.

I did my pieces to camera in her swish new kitchen. Somehow, I didn’t think it would go down too well if I filmed in my own kitchen where my not-so-small smalls are draped all over the Aga to dry.

It’s all about image you see. Nobody would take me seriously if they saw the state of my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly a scene from Extreme Hoarders, but it could do with a lick of paint.

I HAVE to sort my house out soon. I struggle with this concept of acting like I have the money right now and not thinking about ‘lack’ because when it comes to getting things done, you need to have cash in the bank. I’m not sure any tradesperson would appreciate being told ‘I’ll pay you as soon as I have manifested some moolah.’

I’m trying, I really am, but sometimes it is so hard to keep the faith. There are days when I quite fancy returning to the old non-badass me who was going to sit out poverty until retirement. At least I could stay in bed past 5am.

But no, onwards!

It was a stressy day. I’d asked my assistant to organise a photoshoot and left her to it. I should have double-checked what she was up to because I turned up today to find there was one key ingredient missing – a photographer!

Still, the universe was kind to me. Just as I was muttering s***, s***, s*** under my breath, a young man rolled up with a camera and a tripod. I ran over and asked him if he was a photographer. He was and he was in Kingston doing a shoot for an online magazine. I offered to bung him some cash in return for some photos, which he duly took.

That was one hell of a close shave! Still, you live and learn. I will double check everything in future. I have insisted that my assistant give me a call sheet filled with every conceivable detail the next time we have a shoot. I’ll even want to know what colour socks the photographer is wearing.

Anyway, to bed. It’s BAD tomorrow and I have to be full of badass attitude by 6am.

Personal manifesto

I am no quitter. I am a money making badass. The universe has got my back. I am eternally grateful for the gift of a photographer when I most needed it!

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