Time to rev things up – Day 53

My goodness, it’s day 53 already. The evening’s are getting lighter and spring is in the air. The year is moving so fast and right now I need an injection of enthusiasm.

I realised today, that I get all fired up, my salary reaches a certain ‘comfortable’ level and I take my foot off the gas. If I want to break through the ceiling my unconscious mind has set itself, I have to push on and go for it. Go for it like I have never gone for it before. I must stop coasting.

The good news is, the thermal printer is working, so it now takes seconds to label up the card orders. Some new PR work came my way today and I actually had a conversation with somebody about algorithms and almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about. I have learned SO much since I started up my PR agency in November 2016. Again I am reminded of how far I’ve come.

This weekend will consist mostly of getting my first 2,500 words of the novel polished and ready to hand in to the literary agents who are running the online course. One lucky participant gets a phone call with an agent, but I am pretty sure it won’t be me.

I plan to start the weekend with a long run. I need it. I haven’t eaten well this week and I am blaming the bakery. Nothing to do with my lack of willpower or plain greed. I also plan to spend some time with the kids. I feel I have neglected them, although whenever I try and spend time with them, they don’t want to know. I may have to resort to bribery.

I might even try and be nice to my husband. I can hear him downstairs clearing up the pots and pans. I do love a domesticated man.

Personal manifesto

I am in the fast lane. I am on my way to badassville. I am on it.

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