Who ate all the chocolate? – Day 54


I spent two blissful hours in our half empty local theatre café today penning the first 2500 words of the novel. I enjoyed every minute of it. Why has it taken me so long to start writing a book? All my life I’ve said I wanted to, but always followed this with the words ‘I don’t have any ideas.’

It’s surprising how many ideas for novels popped into my head after I’d spent £500 on two writing courses. That’s the thing about me, I only do things when I have to. It’s good to know this about myself as it means I can find ways to get spurred into action.

I know I will let the PR business limp along if I don’t sign up with a business coach who means business. It’s the same with the cards. It’s like I have to have homework to hand in. Perhaps I’ve never grown up!

I cannot allow myself the luxury of freedom and indecision, because it will bring out my lazy streak and nothing will get done.

The literary agents who run the online course, do a more intensive one at their London offices. It costs £1,800 and I think I am going to have to sign up. Not everyone gets chosen, but if I don’t apply, I don’t have a chance.

I’ve also been out running today. This means I feel I deserve an evening of trashy TV and chocolate. I’ve been out and bought a whole load of mini Easter eggs because I intend to film a social media ad for one of our pop-up cards. What’s the betting I’ll have to go out and buy a load more tomorrow?

Oh well, even a badass can’t be perfect all the time!

Personal manifesto

I am a novelist. I am a badass novelist. I am a badass novelist who ate all the chocolate. Money is my best mate.



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