One chapter at a time – Day 55

I have written the first 3,000 words of my novel. I was feeling really buoyed, until I read the first 3,000 words of somebody else’s novel in the online forum that is part of my course. OMG it was good.

But you know, I figure there will always be someone better than me in this world, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. Hopefully, there are plenty of people out there who fancy a Bridget Jones style tale for menopausal women. Well, plenty of women anyway. I can’t imagine many men digging what I’ve written.

The husband just got in after visiting his parents and berated me for not buying milk. Never mind that I have tidied the house, made the beds, done two loads of washing and cooked supper for everyone. Honestly!

I tried to advertise this blog on Twitter yesterday, but my card got refused. ALL my cards are locked now and I have no idea why. They work in shops, but not online. Each has a pin number, but now you have to have an extra password to shop online. Even though I subscribe to a password vault, it is so complicated coming up with the right sequence of numbers and letters, if it’s not PayPal then I can’t buy it. Good for my shopping habit, not so good for online advertising.

What sort of person devises a vast online course for mid-lifers, but can’t even use their own credit card online? Imagine if I did earn £1 million. I’d never be able to get to it!

I haven’t made inroads into my top 100 of PR clients yet, but I intend to start that next week. I’ve got a new PR campaign to run, press releases to chase and I am giving a talk on PR to a group of mumpreneurs.

I keep reminding myself that things take time as there is still no sign of filthy lucre landing in my bank account. That said, it struck me that I am a LOT better off than I was this time two years ago, before I had discovered the power of Jen Sincero.

Making small sums of extra money comes relatively easy to me now. I just need to increase the numbers and that is going to take a giant leap of faith.

That said, I actually pictured the front cover of my novel today. It is going to happen, one chapter at a time. It will be published, even if I have do it myself. At least I won’t have to pay for PR and marketing!

Personal manifesto

I am on the right path. My greatness is leading the way. My novel is going to be awesome.

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