A lesson – Day 56

I am learning fast that having staff isn’t easy. Following the photographic shoot without a photographer incident, there’s been another gaffe with my assistant.

It’s worse this time reader and I won’t go into details, but let’s just say, I need to start doing things differently around here. I could lose clients over mistakes like this. I know that losing my rag isn’t going to solve this issue, but I was sorely tempted this morning.

Still, nobody said this was going to be a walk in the park, did they? On the upside, somebody ordered £90 worth of cards today. Yay! It’s a card that we don’t sell very much of, so that was good news indeed.

I’m also learning the importance of saying ‘no’. I’d agreed to do some ‘free’ work for someone, but calculated that it would cost me two days a month. I gave myself a talking to and have withdrawn the offer. Time is not infinite, so I cannot give mine away too cheaply. I must keep reminding myself of that.

I did manage to promote this blog on Twitter, which doesn’t appear to be as picky as Facebook. Nearly 6,000 impressions, but only seven link clicks. What does a person have to do to get a click around here? Another look at my hashtags and keywords methinks.

I am not feeling the badass vibe today, so need to make a point of saying some uplifting mantras. I’ve been cursing in my head all day and it is not doing anything for my mood. It’s also a fasting day so I can’t ease my frustration with carbohydrates. You don’t get many of them for 500 cals. Here’s to being thin and miserable!

Personal manifesto

I am a badass who doesn’t let a few humps in the road get in my way. I will manifest a cool million. I am going for gold.

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