Lift off – Day 57

It’s finally up! My social media course for old fogies is up and running – well it’s up, but nobody has bought it yet. The next challenge is going to be marketing a course to people who don’t use social media!

Guest blog posts and traditional press are the way to go I think and this will test my PR skills.

I’m giving a talk tomorrow about PR at the local university. It’s a sell out apparently, which makes me feel a bit nervous. It’s 9pm and I have no idea what I am going to wear, let along what I am going to talk about. Of course I know what I’m going to talk about reader, for I is a badass.

I STILL haven’t done my top 100 companies list. I don’t know why I haven’t done that today. What have I done today? I’ve faffed about. Actually, I spent hours on the course platform trying to work out how to do various things. It is not one of the most user friendly sites I’ve used. One minute, I could see the social share button, the next it had disappeared and I spent the next hour looking for it, fruitlessly. God, am I really the right person to be telling people how to use the latest social media tools?

I trudged about in the snow with the dog for a bit, took some pictures of steaming zucchini muffins at the bakery and managed to salvage the national newspaper competition disaster. I seem to spend a lot of hours mopping up after my assistant at the moment.

I’m still not setting concrete goals and I haven’t told myself how great I am for days. I think I need to dip back into You Are A Badass. Trouble is, the writing takes so much time and today, I’ve been giving feedback to some of the other students doing the online course. Some of them are so good, I can’t quite believe they are not yet published.

A friend was telling me today how hard it is to get published and how it’s impossible to make money. That is probably true, but I cannot afford to think like that. Better to be deluded and then disappointed I think rather than start out with nothing but a big bag of hopelessness.


Personal manifesto

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest badass of them all? I is! Hello money my old friend.





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