Feeling flaky – day 60

Snowmania continues and it’s getting to me. With everything cancelled, I should be knuckling down with the book/marketing the course/advertising cards, but all I want to do is put on my PJs, go to bed with a mug of hot chocolate and watch Netflix. Tell me reader, do you think 6pm is too early for nightwear?

I think I shall go to bed with the laptop, write a page of the novel and then reward myself with some binge watching. My sister told me about a show called The Sinner and after one and a half episodes (I fell asleep before the end) I am gripped.

I’m also hugely into a UK sitcom called Mum, which is one of the most brilliantly funny and poignant pieces of television I have ever seen. As you can see, I am no closer to giving up my TV addiction.

I’ve spent the day putting together a PR report and I’ve just posted 23 pop-up cards. Yes, 23. It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and our flower cards are selling like hotcakes. Several more orders have come in since I returned from my trip to the postbox, which let me tell you, was treacherous. I almost fell over and the poor dog tried to run into a hotel. I am guessing he was sick of having cold paws.

I have signed up for another online writing course. I am on a roll with the book and need to keep on forcing myself to hand in pieces of work. I am not to be trusted without a deadline.

Not much to report at the moment really. I think I am going into some sort of hibernation phase and will hopefully emerge full of vim and vigour once the show has melted.

It is definitely time to pull on those slippers!

Personal manifesto

I am taking small snowy steps in the right direction. It’s all good.



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