Going out – Day 61

It’s Saturday and I am going out tonight. I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Saturday and with 25 minutes to go until I need to be there, I am still not ready. I’ve still got snow head. It’s like that feeling after Christmas when you’ve eaten too much cheese, done no work and have been in pyjamas for three days in a row. Oh, is that just me?

My husband is deliberating over which shirt to wear. He can do work shirts and the homeless look, but going out is tricky. What is he to wear? I have no idea.

I’ve posted a lot of cards today. We’ve broken through the £2K turnover mark in the past 30 days, which is brilliant. I’ve also had some inquiries about bulk orders from firms who want pop-up business cards. Our side hustle is going remarkably well.

I am feeling so torn over where to direct my time. The cards? The novel? The PR business? Promoting the online course? Still the same old story. Two many fingers, too many pies. I guess I carry on until I get a big sign from somewhere. I know one thing, the novel has to happen. It is perhaps the most important thing right now, but it is seemingly the one project that may not make me a bean.

Then again, maybe Jen Sincero thought that when she enrolled into her first writing class and now she is a best selling author.

I did say my mantra today. I went for a walk and got myself into quite a meditative state by chanting ‘I am attracting cash’ over and over. I didn’t say it out loud of course. I looked like a bag lady as it was due to the number of layers I was wearing and muttering a mantra would have attracted too many sidelong glances. At least my dog was on a lead and not a piece of string, although he was looking a little worse for wear after running around in muddy slush all day.

Anyway reader. I must dash. My old fleece will not cut it at dinner. Time to dress like a badass…if only I knew what badasses wear!

Personal manifesto

I’ve got this.

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