Running late – Day 62

It’s a first and not a good one. I didn’t post yesterday. The plan was to write this before going to bed, but I fell asleep fully clothed whilst watching Netflix with my daughter and awoke at 2am.

It’s 4.38am now. I didn’t manage to get back to sleep as I feel fully awake – as if I have come out of my snowmaggedon hibernation. So, I thought I may as well fire up the computer and do some work.

On the downside, it is a fasting day today and by getting up at 2am, I am starving myself for an extra five hours.

I read a great blog post by Rich Dad yesterday, about tackling laziness which really resonated. In it, he talks about the way we say to ourselves ‘I can’t afford it.’ I do this all the time and I’ve written about it in the blog, so have no excuses. It’s the reason why my house is starting to look increasingly like a squat. I have had the same wallpaper for 15 years. Not a crime in itself, but it’s been mauled by sticky fingered toddlers, battered by various items of furniture on the move and it looks very very sorry for itself.

My excuse for not tackling it is always ‘I can’t afford it’ and if you looked at my bank account right now, you’d probably agree.

Rich Dad writes that the thing to say is ‘How can I afford it?’ as this opens your mind to possibilities rather on relying on the same lazy excuses.

How can I afford it? Good question. Well, I could start by marketing the online social media course, which I haven’t done yet. I planned to give everybody I have met at my BAD group a discount code, but to be able to apply discount codes, I would need to upgrade my membership on the course website. That will cost me around $400.

I have three choices. To sell the course without a discount code and not upgrade. Forget about the course or upgrade, get the codes and sell, sell, sell. I am going for the latter as the upgrade gives me all sorts of whizzy features, which should make my course a more enticing prospect.

Everything costs money. The card business has just cost £500 for a new label printer, but this has to be seen as an investment – we had 60 orders over the weekend and cutting out address labels and sticking them on with tape is not an option. I have just forked out £150 for another writing course and the group coaching I start soon is £500 a month.

My instinct is to run around like a headless chicken in full on panic mode as money continues to rush out of the house, but I need to breathe, pet the feng shui frog and tell myself that this is all going to work out somehow.

Personal manifesto

New wallpaper will soon be mine. Money is coming my way. Hello cash, I’ve been expecting you.


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