Running on empty – Day 63

It’s amazing how productive you can be when you start work at 4am! I’ve ticked everything off my to do list, cooked supper for the family and I’ve even done a couple of loads of washing. I am definitely running on empty now, hence I am writing this before I fall asleep at 7pm and dribble into my pillow.

Press releases have gone out, cards have been dispatched (we hit a record in the last 7 days)  and I got a bit of coverage for a client today. However and it’s a big however, the publication didn’t include their website address.

I and anyone else in the business of PR will know that unless you are taking out an advert, you cannot guarantee what will run in a newspaper or magazine. Any mention is a bonus, your contact details are a double bonus. It’s not always easy to explain this to the paying customer.

I pitched to a picky potential client the other week who only wanted to be in certain high end magazines, which makes it even tougher to get results. They haven’t come back to me, so I guess they’ve gone with another PR which is a big relief. This business is tricksy enough without having difficult clients on the books.

This is why I love the cards. There’s no explaining to do. If one gets lost in the post, we issue a refund, no quibbles.

It’s good when the PR goes well too. A client was mentioned on a well known radio show this morning and they asked me to get some product to the DJ. You can imagine my joy when I realised that the publicist of said show is someone I worked with years ago. The product is on its way over and will hopefully reach the airwaves shortly.

I still haven’t marketed the online course. In fact, as soon as I finish this, I am going to put out some social media posts…even though it is a course for people who are not on social media. I will package it as ‘the ideal gift for your middle-aged social media phobic pals’ or some suchlike.

I’m not a millionaire yet, but I got a lot of hours in the bank today! Yay!

Personal manifesto

I am on the way up. There’s no stopping me. Who needs sleep?

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