Cardtastic – Day 64

We’ve broken a record with the pop-up cards. They’ve earned me more this week than my biggest PR client pays. There’s something in this…

We sell via online shops at the moment and the time has come to build our own website. We’ve already bought a domain and have a holding page and just to prove the point, said page delivered an order yesterday via the contact form.

I am also liaising with two corporate customers who want to buy thousands of customised cards to promote their business. I didn’t find them, they found me. Imagine what I could achieve if I approached firms with the idea of making them unique 3d business cards?

I also upgraded my membership on the online courses page, which means I can give out discounts. Everyone at BAD has been offered 50% off and a money back guarantee if they don’t like the course. I have asked for feedback as this means I can modify the course if it doesn’t work. This is my first online course and I may have missed the mark.

I’ve pitched clients to the press today and the DJ I mentioned yesterday is about to receive lots of free product which I hope he will mention on air. I also managed to meditate and made a ballet class this morning, so it’s been an all round good day.

That’s it from me. Over and out.

Personal manifesto

Things take time, but I am getting results. My badassery increases by the day. Money, I love you!

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