A win – Day 64

I’ve been to visit my dad today and got back to find I am one of five writers from the online course to have been offered a discount on a longer, more intensive one which takes place at the literary agent offices. It’s great news. In my opinion, several writers who are as good if not better than me, did not get picked.

One writer was chosen for a one-to-one tutorial, it wasn’t me and the person who received it would have been my choice too.

I also sold two subscriptions to the online social media course while I was lunching with my dad. I do love a passive income! It’s nowhere near a million, but it covered lunch.

Not much else to report. Things are moving along nicely. I have another 6am start tomorrow, hence this blog post endeth here so that I can get some much needed sleep.

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I am a novelist. A badass novelist.

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