Lessons from history – Day 69

Bear with me on this as it may sound a bit strange, but I’ve been watching a documentary on Netflix about Hitler, which really made me think.

Through dogged determination, propaganda and milking all the right connections, Hitler and his cronies went from being the equivalent of the Monster Raving Loony Party to a dictatorship that ruled Germany and started a world war.

It took them a while. They were beavering away behind the scenes for more than a decade before Hitler took power, but they were terrifyingly single-minded about it and leapt on every opportunity that came their way. And when it looked as if all was lost, which it did on several occasions, they didn’t give up (sadly).

It struck me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it – good things and bad.

It’s that same old message again. Believe. Don’t give up. Make it happen. But also, and this is something Jen says in her You Are A Badass book, don’t pursue anything that will benefit you and harm others. That’s not good karma. Things didn’t turn out so well for Hitler in the end, did they?

My sister sent me a link to an article about Jen today. It was rather aptly entitled How To Make $1 million this year. She didn’t mention Hitler, but it reminded me that positive affirmations, keeping the faith and surrounding yourself with people who force you to raise your game are key.

Being a badass rules!

Personal manifesto

I make money easily. It just can’t stay away. In fact, it is positively stalking me – and I love it!


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