The power of coaching – Day 71

The group coaching started today and I left with fire in my belly. Four of the participants had bailed out and there were only two of us, but that was fine with me as she was a fellow PR who is totally on it.

She’s got plans, strategies, CRMs, XYZs you name it. All I’ve got is a lot of airy fairy ideas and a sea of luminous postIt notes.

The first thing I worked out, which I knew already, is that I am not charging enough. The other PR in the room doesn’t take anyone on for less than £3k a month. Now this is really smart because PR takes a lot of time and invariably, when I accept itty bitty jobs for local SMEs, they have a limited budget and because of that, it is impossible to get results for the money they are paying me – so I over deliver.

It made me realise that I need to get serious. Raise my game. Start playing with the big boys, and girls.

I’ve got a bit of homework to do and one of the tasks is to track my time to see exactly how much I am giving each client. This is going to be an interesting exercise.

My fellow PR was in turn impressed by my results as I often get national coverage for clients. I take this entirely for granted as I’ve been a journalist for 30 years and in that time, I’ve regularly placed stories in the nationals. I should be charging a premium for results like this.

She handed me a beautifully designed booklet, on expensive paper,  which served as a case study of one of her clients. I need one of these and shall be compiling one as soon as I complete a big wave of national releases for one of my clients. It’s a good story, so I am expecting good results.

I had a great creative writing class last night too. My regular teacher is ill and a five times published novelist and leader of the uni’s MA in creative writing stood in. I was brave enough to read some of my writing out loud and in return, got some really useful feedback. His tips were so good, I rushed back home to do a rewrite.

Good news is, I am 7/10 on the badass scale today, so an improvement on yesterday. I’m on it. I’ve got this. Oh yes I have.

Personal mantra

I have talent. People will pay well for it. I am novel writing, PR mongering card-selling badass.

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