Frustrations – Day 72

It was one of those days yesterday. (*&)(*&^! * just about sums it up.

I have a presentation to do at 6.30am this morning (it is now 4.27am). I was told there is no wi-fi at the venue. Turns out that if you have an online only Microsoft Office package and an Apple laptop, you are screwed. Four hours it took to prepare this presentation – and it is one I have already given, so all that time was taken grappling with tech. I never did get the sound to work on my video when viewed through PowerPoint or Keynote on iPad.

I had to wait it all day for a card delivery and then there was a huge kerfuffle with a competition I have been trying to place in a national newspaper. I was about to blame my assistant for an error, but thankfully, looked back over the paper trail to see she had done exactly as I had asked and the publication in question had messed up. These things happen I guess.

That evening I was filming a workshop at the bakery, which means I got to bed late and here I am at 4.30am – don’t you just hate it when you wake up at 4.26am when the alarm is set for 5am!

Let’s hope today is better. I have slipped down to 2/10 on the badass scale. I have the presentation followed by an all day coaching workshop and there are going to be irate phone calls pinging about regarding this competition, which I am not going to be able to sort out remotely.

There will also be a lot of networking. I’m tired and so over networking. I wish I was at home all day shuffling around in my nightwear. Still, everyone has those days and today is a new one. Besides, I got some coverage for a new client who was really pleased with it so it wasn’t all bad. And the bakery course was amazing.


Personal manifesto

It doesn’t matter when things go wrong because the universe has got my back. It knows I am a badass.

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