On the up again – Day 73

Wow. Badassery is some roller-coaster. After writing yesterday’s blog about my bad day at stupid o’clock, I made a promise to myself, I decided to forget the frustrations of the previous 24 hours and start afresh. It was a new day and it was going to be a good day.

I started with my BAD presentation, which I think went well. Then I zoomed off to an all day business planning workshop and was totally inspired by people who are better than me. It’s just what Jen said, you need to be around people who lift you up.

The fellow PR I met at group coaching has kindly promised to show me her processes, costings and strategies to help me move forwards and I got some great advice from ActionClub coaches and business owners alike.

I complained that I wasn’t getting enough of the right PR clients, those that can afford to put me on a retainer. A few people asked why I haven’t asked my current clients to refer me. I couldn’t answer. Why haven’t I? Because…it feels dirty. I feel ashamed to ask for their help.

One entrepreneur told me that his e-mail signature is ‘the biggest compliment you can pay is to recommend me to someone else’ or words to that effect. He even has a poster of this on his office wall.

A coach explained that I am helping my clients, so why wouldn’t they want to help me to help someone else? Then, as if the universe was trying to drum the point home, three e-mails fell into my inbox with great PR hits for the one client would could prove really useful to me.

It feels uncomfortable, but I know what I’ve got to do.

I found the visceral emotions today. I really believed that I can do this. I wrote it all down in a letter to myself so that I don’t forget. I HAVE got this. I am 8 on the badass scale. Time for an espresso martini to celebrate!

Personal manifesto

I am the biggest badass in the room!

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